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Andy Warhol – taking picures of his food before Instagram

12 Apr

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Sunday afternoon dreaming: Hamburg and Bucharest

7 Apr

So it’s the first Sunday in April. Not exactly what one had expected, considering the temperature just dropped half the value, compared to yesterday and the wind doubled, if not tripled in speed…
Meanwhile, it became clear that the Sunday afternoon stroll and church photographing was going to be rainchecked. Oh, wait a minute. Did I say rain?
Anyway, I’ve stumbled upon several shots of beautiful churches I’ve seen. Thought I’d share with you.
This is one of my favorites. It is known as The Students’ Church as it is located in the nearby of the University of Bucharest. It was built in 1905-1909, resembling the Russian architecture style and it is one of the city’s prettiest. It was previously named The Russian Church, as it was Tsar Nicholas the second who commissioned it and sponsored the works.


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